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Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Awards List

Abbreviation   Name
CERT  Certificate
BS  Bachelor of Science
MS  Master of Science
DIP  Diploma
AAS  Associate in Applied Science
AA  Associate in Arts
BA  Bachelor of Arts
AS  Associate in Science
MA  Master of Arts
MFA  Master of Fine Arts
B.Mus  Bachelor of Music
MAT  Master of Arts in Teaching
MM  Master of Music
BES  Bachelor of Elective Studies
AES  Associate in Elected Studies
BSW  Bachelor of Social Work
ATC  Advanced Technical Certificate
MSN  Master of Science in Nursing
MBA  Master of Business Administration
BFA  Bachelor of Fine Arts
SPEC  Specialist
MLA  Master of Liberal Arts
MMIS  Master of Management Information Systems
GC  Graduate Certificate
BAS  Bachelor of Applied Science
MEM  Master of Engineering Management
MIT  Master of Information Technology
BHS  Bachelor of Human Services
MPNA  Master of Public and Nonprofit Administration
AFA  Associate of Fine Arts
BSN  Bachelor of Nursing
MPA  Master of Public Administration
BSSW  Bachelor of Science in Social Work
MED  Master of Education
MSPED  Master of Special Education
BATR  Bachelor of Athletic Training
BSEL  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BSME  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
BSEC  Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
BSCE  Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
BM  Bachelor of Music
BT  Bachelor of Teaching
AC  Academic Certificate
AET  Associate in Electronic Technology
ATS  Advanced Technical Specialty Certificate
AuD  Doctor of Audiology
BAT  Bachelor of Applied Technology
BED  Bachelor of Environment Design
BET  Bachelor of Engineering Technology
BMUS  Bachelor of Music
DNP  Doctor of Nursing Practice
DPT  Doctor of Physical Therapy
EDD  Doctor of Education
Minor  Minor
MMA  Master of Management and Administration
MST  Master of Software Technology
MSW  Master of Social Work
PSYD  Doctor of Psychology
SAC  Specialized Academic Certificate
SGC  Specialized Graduate Certificate
2 Yr Diploma  Two Year Diploma
2 Year Tour of Service  Two Year Tour of Service
BaSC  Bachelor of Applied Science
BLA  Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
BSM  Bachelor of Science in Management
BSBA  Bachelor of Science Business Administration
BS SMIS  Bachelor of Science Strategic Mgmt Info Systems
BS HSM  Bachelor of Science Human Services Mgmt
BMM  Bachelor of Manufacturing Management
B.A.E.M.  Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering
B.B.E.  Bachelor of Bioproducts and Biosystems
B.Bm.E  Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering
B.Ch.E.  Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
B.C.E.  Bachelor of Civil Engineering
B.Comp.Eng.  Bachelor of Computer Engineering
B.E.E.  Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
B.Geo.E.  Bachelor of Geological Engineering
B.Mat.S.E.  Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering
B M.E.  Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
B.A.Sc.  Bachelor of Arts in Science
B.S.E.C.E.  Bachelor of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering
B.S.Ch.E.  Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering
BAH  Bachelor of Applied Health
B.S.Ed.  Bachelor of Science Education
B.U.S.  Bachelor of University Studies
BBA  Bachelor of Business Administration
BSB  Bachelor of Science Business
BSE  Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BSDH  Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene
MHA  Master of Health Care Administration
MSADT  Master of Science Advanced Dental Therapy
BSEE  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
AMGT  Applied Management
TP  Transfer Plan
PED  Pre Education
DC  Doctorate