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Welcome Students

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This site is your connection to resources about transfer options. Here's a rundown of each section:

Transfer Basics includes First Steps Action Plan, Transfer Specialist Contacts, Student FAQs, a Glossary, and a description of programs designed for transfer.

Transfer Planning includes an action plan, link to Transferology, program search tools, course research resources, Minnesota Transfer Curriculum information, and more.

Application Process offers an action plan, college and university admissions information, college and university transfer web pages, and access to catalogs online.

Financial Aid provides general financial aid and scholarship information, a glossary of financial aid terms, and access to financial aid resources at each campus.

Student Services offers information about admissions, registration, counseling/advising, disability services, and more.

Links provides additional web resources to assist you with transfer.

This site also contains additional information to support Veterans, High School Students, and International Students. Visit those pages for more information.

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