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Approved Technical College Courses Archive

The Office of the Chancellor, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities, established a course review process in 2002 and 2003 to facilitate the transfer of Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) courses from technical colleges. Information provided here shows when courses were first approved to be in the MnTC and does not reflect current MnTC courses at each college. The list is provided here for historical purposes. Click each institution to view lists of courses originally included in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

For current MnTC courses and goals for all colleges and universities, go to: Current list of the MnTC courses

Questions to ask yourself about transfer

The 2001 legislature passed a law that required "By January 1, 2002, the board must implement the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) at all state colleges and universities. Once a course has met the criteria necessary for inclusion in the MnTC in any area of emphasis, the course must be accepted for full credit in that area of emphasis at all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities."

To facilitate the transfer and acceptance of MnTC courses from the technical colleges, the Office of the Chancellor, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, established a course review process. Three members from the Office of the Chancellor visited these colleges to provide an in-service on the MnTC and to outline the review process. The team requested that the colleges submit courses to be reviewed by one of two methods: (1) reviewed and accepted by two state universities for general education/MnTC transfer, or (2) reviewed by faculty teams established for the Technical College MnTC Review Project.

For the peer review project, teams of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities faculty were established in cooperation with the state level faculty leadership offices (IFO and MSCF) to review submitted courses. Teams for each discipline consisted of four faculty - one from a technical college (or community and technical college) and one from a community college, and two from state universities. Several reviews were held after the initial November, 2001 review.

The objective of the peer review process was, in part, to provide a means of understanding of the MnTC among the college faculty, transfer specialists and academic administration. This objective has been accomplished and so, effective July 1, 2003, the colleges will no longer use the peer review process. The revised process provides for review and approval of proposed courses by the college's Academic Affairs and Standards Council. As implementation premises, these colleges use the The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (February 1994) and Guidelines for the Review and Design of a Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (March 2003) as a framework for their MnTC development, and engage qualified faculty from the discipline to develop their MnTC course proposals.

Once course approval is obtained from the Academic Affairs and Standards Council, colleges then provide documentation, as specified in the process, to the Office of Program Collaboration and Transfer. The Office of Program Collaboration and Transfer in turn lists the approved course number, name, number of credits and MnTC goal area(s) at this website.

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